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  • EMAT slideshow
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  • EMAT slideshow
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main slideshow images courtesy of Mubashar Hasan/Oxfam

2010 Flood Appeal. 

So far, more than 1,600 people are believed to have been killed by the floods in Pakistan. In total, roughly 20 million people are thought to have been affected. These floods have destroyed the lives of thousands of families, washing away entire villages and leaving millions of survivors suffering with little food or shelter. With roads and bridges damaged the challenges faced are considerable. We urgently need your help to save more lives – please donate now


£10 buys one of our ‘Tenergy’ foodpacks, providing for a family for 2 weeks. Foodstuffs in the pack are high-energy, instant and long-life, and we've used our local knowledge and contacts to source direct from producers and wholesalers in the region.

We’ll ensure:

  • 100% of your donations go towards the food pack and we will pay for everything else (transport etc...)
  • We reach the needy and ensure fair distribution (not just to the strongest)
  • We use our local knowledge to obtain best value and distribution
  • We’ll continue the mission for as long as the funds are available

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A special thankyou to all of the businesses which have helped make our 2010 Flood Appeal possible.

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